Using Atma Insights in Your Course

Whether you’re teaching online or in the classroom, it’s essential to have easy access to reliable, engaging, and intelligent digital resources that easily integrate into curriculums for optimal learning solutions

Atma Insights is an award-winning streaming service designed to integrate seamlessly into your business curriculum. Explore our sample syllabi to see how.

Videos on essential country, culture, and global business topics address how culture impacts specific operations including global strategy, business development, mergers and acquisitions, sales and marketing, training programs, customer service, and human resources.

A simple monthly or annual subscription provides unlimited access to hundreds of videos, soon to cover 90 percent of the world economy.

Search easily by country, region, or topic.

An exhaustive process of checks andbalances ensures accuracy, quality, and integrity.

Our expert teams create engaging, unbiased, and accurate material that brings each country and culture to life.