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Atma Insights is a reliable resource for accurate, award-winning, proprietary, curated learning videos on countries, cultures, business, and global topics.

In a nod to the outsized influence of the G20 representing 90 percent of the world's GDP, our proprietary videos address the cultural nuances of interacting, communicating, operating, and doing business in the world's major economies in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific. With an expanding library of countries and topics, Atma Insights has learning videos you won't find anywhere else. Each curated series on a country includes 25 to 30 videos across collections such as Overview, Local Cultural, and Business.

Atma Insights complements a wide range of learning curriculums. Explore our expanding library of curated collections.

Atma Insights videos highlight global topics including doing business globally, globalization, digital currency, global trade, international finance, and cross-cultural communications. We have unique collections that explore interacting and communicating more effectively with people from different cultures, managing multicultural teams, and analyzing how culture influences specific global operations—including global strategy, business development, mergers and acquisitions, sales and marketing, communications, training programs, customer service, operations, human resources, and relocation. Each curated series on a topic includes on average 30 videos in an easy-to-access, self-paced learning path.

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Our Content Methodology

Most people hear about culture and immediately think about behaviors—a list of do's and don'ts by culture and country. For example, one might think about bowing in Japan or knowing which gestures to avoid in countries around the world.

And while gestures and protocol are certainly important, they are only one aspect of understanding cultures. To truly understand culture, we need to go beyond the lists of do's and don'ts. We need to understand what makes people think and act as they do. Understanding the “why” behind a culture is essential.

What do we mean by culture? In essence, it is a shared set of attitudes, beliefs, values, mindsets, and practices of a group of people. Culture includes the behavior pattern and norms of that group—the rules, the assumptions, the perceptions, and the logic and reasoning specific to that group. Culture is really the collective programming of our minds from birth. It’s this collective programming that distinguishes one group of people from another.

Cultural awareness most commonly refers to having an understanding of another culture’s values and perspective.

Most people think that the language barrier is the only factor. But it’s more. Communicating with different cultures requires an understanding of how culture influences communication tones, styles, and preferences. Culture affects everything and may explain why your multicultural work teams are failing to communicate and collaborate well despite technical synergies.

Culture impacts a number of business and management functions including global strategy, business development, mergers and acquisitions, sales and marketing, communications, training programs, customer service, operations, human resources, and relocation.

Understanding how to conduct business with people from other cultures and across borders enhances the overall effectiveness of global initiatives—affecting profitability and impacting the bottom line.

Our videos and learning content offer a distinctive blend of accurate facts and analysis infused with our unique content methodology, philosophy, and editorial approach. In essence, as social scientists, our academically rooted methodology provides in-depth, reliable analysis of the intersection of business, global affairs, cultures, and countries and offers practical, actionable insights. To achieve these unique insights, our editorial approach is a collective hive effort involving teams of subject-matter experts. Learn more about our Content Methodology.

We take the integrity of our content development very seriously, and our editorial process is rare in today’s clickbait publishing world. We appreciate that our users—professionals, educators, students, and global enthusiasts—rely on our editorial integrity and value the unbiased, seasoned insights from our team.

Our rich, award-winning learning content is developed according to methodical internal guidelines by our team of country, culture, and global business and subject-matter experts.

  • Our experts are diverse in terms of race, gender, age, ethnicity, religion, geographic location, perspective, and experience.
  • They are accomplished businesspeople, academics, and writers.
  • Each possesses a master’s or PhD in business or the human sciences.
  • All have extensive practical experience working and living in-country.
The latest business and cross-cultural academic theory is integrated seamlessly into reliable content that brings each topic, country, and culture to life. And as a result, we’re a recognized leader in the field of global business, country, and cross-cultural knowledge.

Our content is the collective result of our team’s hive mind rather than the product of a single author. We appreciate that our users—professionals, educators, students, and global enthusiasts—rely on our editorial integrity and value the unbiased, seasoned insights from our team.

Along with our seriousness about the quality-assurance process of our content development, the cornerstone to our style and approach is the philosophy that learning should be engaging, accurate, and reliable, presented in a user-friendly platform. More than just a presentation of facts, our learning and knowledge tools provide a comprehensive proprietary analysis in a succinct and engaging format. We’re focused on helping people understand the context behind a global business issue or how a culture or country has evolved. The “why” is essential to building a deeper understanding. In order to be effective, learning must also be practical. We strive to ensure that our insights on countries, cultures, and global topics are actionable and relevant to today’s global user.


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