Atma Insights | China vs. India: Who Will Win?

China vs. India: Who Will Win?

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Comparing Asia's Two Rising Giants

Asia's two rising giants, China and India, have been global powers before. This video looks critically at these economic engines of today and how they compare.

China is the world’s second-biggest economy, prompting concerns about China overtaking the United States or EU sooner than previously thought. But if you look at the long-term picture and apply a more Asian perspective, China’s longer-term contest is with that other recovering economic behemoth—India. In terms of size and population, China and India represent more than 37 percent of the world’s total population and contribute 30 percent of global economic growth. In the inevitable comparisons that economists and businesspeople make, China nearly always comes out on top. But will China actually win the economic race? Take a look and get insight on the contrast between these two re-emerging Asian giants.