Atma Insights | Japan Making Contacts and Developing Trust

Japan Making Contacts and Developing Trust

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Creating Crucial Connections in Japan

Making contacts, building relationships, and developing trust are all very important in Japanese culture. Explore ways to create and nurture crucial connections.

The Japanese place great value in building relationships and developing trust. Learn more about the importance of a person's background and associations in developing new business contacts. Become familiar with the significance of using intermediaries, known as shokaisha, to establish a contact. Understand the role of an introducer and the mutual expectations. Explore practical tips on how to utilize business and personal networks—as well as JETRO, the Japan External Trade Organization, and Keidanren, the Japan Business Federation—to establish introductions and schedule and prepare for first meetings. You’ll also review how keiretsu—the intricate local Japanese business network—has traditionally made it harder for non-Japanese firms to do business locally. But, like all things in Japan, this is also gradually changing. Find out how.