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Japan Women in Workplace

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Obstacles and Opportunties for Female Workers in Japan

Traditionally, career options for women in Japan have been limited. Explore how attitudes are changing and women are embracing more rewarding workplace opportunities.

In Japan, it is generally expected that women will work for a few years after graduation until children are born. Those with school-age children may go back to work part-time, usually for a low hourly wage. Slowly, however, attitudes are changing, and women university graduates are choosing career tracks over marriage. Many work for Japanese firms, and others seek jobs at one of the foreign companies in Japan. Some pursue careers overseas, while still others start their own businesses or work as freelancers. The majority of the women who are employed by large corporations and a third of all women who work outside the home are clerical workers, called Office Ladies. Although women face significant obstacles, they currently make up an impressive 40 percent of the Japanese workforce. Explore the opportunities and challenges that Japanese and foreign businesswomen encounter when working in Japan.